Foreign Workers Meal

Foreign Workers Meal

Indian And Bangaladesi Worker Meal

Casuarina Curry serves one of the BEST Authentic Indian Food Catering in Singapore since 1993. Our businesses have grown over the years and expanded to various locations across our beautiful Island. Even with the COVID situation, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that mouth-watering dishes continue to roll out of our restaurant to satisfy your taste buds. Given this tough time, we’d also like to make a huge shout-out to all our heroic Foreign Workers of Singapore - who have braved through challenging times to help build us the beautiful country we have today! Casuarina Curry appreciates your efforts and we’ll like to be a part of your life here in Singapore. It is with great pleasure to announce our latest branch of work to cater to Foreign Worker Meals! At Casuarina Curry, we have extended our services to provide Daily Meal Plans for our Foreign Workers! Our recipes are specially passed down for generations from our Forefathers, who hailed all the way from India in the 1950s. You can look forward to a plethora of dishes to choose from, ranging from North to South Indian Cuisines. As such, we have specially handpicked a few meal plans for Indian Worker Meals. Besides, you can expect abundance and generous quantities of rice and curries in each Foreign Workers' Meal Plans. All our Bangladeshi Meals cooked to perfection to ensure that quality and quantity exceed expectations. Our catering options are one of the most affordable options and prepared with the highest quality. Our monthly meal plans come with a delivery of 3 daily meals.

Our Foreign Workers deserve 3 good meals each day that consist of highenergy and protein-rich breakfasts, lunch and dinner. All meal plans are cooked professionally on-site by our in-house Chefs and delivery will take place within hours to ensure freshness. Casuarina Curry is also shaking things up and offering cafeteria options for your canteens! We are now launching an ‘at-your-doorstep’ service, where we help you to run your canteen. Throughout the years, we have amassed at least 30 years’ worth of experience in launching and sustaining successful catering and restaurant businesses. Our name has also been featured in local news times and during “Singapore Day” across the global platform. We are known for our authentic recipes and our team of skillful Chefs who can cater to your cuisine types and budget. At Casuarina Curry, we are an expert in offering authentic, traditional, Indian recipes. Our forefathers hailed all the way from beautiful India and passed these recipes down for generations. Our kitchen is run by our team of expert Chefs who are highly experienced in bringing the best ingredients and spices together to make you the perfect Indian dish. We expect the highest standards of quality from all our dishes, from the ingredients to the methods of cooking. You can expect nothing less when you’re with Casuarina Curry. Whether you’re looking to cater Bangladeshi Meals or simply hire us to run your canteen, we are just a call away.

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