My Big Fat Indian Wedding

My Big Fat Indian Wedding

Wedding Catering

Wedding is the biggest day of someone’s life and it is one of the most important day as well. Planning your wedding day to go smooth as possible is the biggest challenge but with the help of family members and friends it can be done a lot easier.  

So what are the key things to look into planning the day to wow all those who will be attending.

  1. Catering of food and beverage.  (Hindu temple weddings will be strictly vegetarian).

  2. Your impressive remake of the taj mahal decor that will be brought down before you leave the wedding hall.

  3. The beautiful make up and saree for the bride which she will be cursing at when she is trying to remove it at home (ladies you know how it is).

  4. The big bollywood style entrance of the bride and groom where you think you pulled of a shah rukh khan and Katrina Kaif moment, but you were nothing better then a bear tripping over a stone.

Out of all the above, in my opinion I feel that the most important one is the food. None of the other pointers are as satisfying as food. Come on foodies gimme a hell yeah!!

Especially in an Indian wedding, everyone looks forward to the food spread as equally to getting a picture with the wedded couples. So that’s how important food is. In Indian tradition, we believe that if you feed your guest with enough and delicious food, they will bless you from the bottom of their hearts.

Indian food has many variations. South Indian, North Indian and in South Indian you have food from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra. So the endless list goes on.

So, this is where I tell you WHY choose Casuarina Curry @ Macpherson? Casuarina Curry Specializes in South and North Indian for both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food. Not only that, they are the best when it comes to live stations. No one beats them at the prata live station . They have also come up with very creative live stations lately such as Appan Jaala, Paani Poori Shooters, Paan Shots and Ondeh-Ondeh ice cream. Their butter chicken is a to die for dish. Butter chicken is the must have food in all north Indian weddings. It goes well with your naan or briyani.

Vegetarian catering cannot get any better than what they offer to their customers. A wide variety of choices such as, mock mysore mutton, mock sambal chicken, deep fried ladies finger fry, vadai etc.

They also set up their buffet and live stations in such beautiful display of colors that make your guest eyes shine bright like a diamond.

So why wait?

Call them now to brighten up your big day with style and class

Contact: 6285 9001